Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day in the Life of a Housewife

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while.  I love reading about other housewives daily lives...I don't really know why, I just find it interesting.  So is an average day in my life. :)

5:00am- wake up with Hubby, brush my teeth, head to the kitchen where the coffee is waiting, I make
               his coffee and mine, pack his lunch, get his clothes or whatever else he needs me to do

5:30am- Hubby leaves and I sit down to finish my coffee, I turn on the Golden Girls or the news,
               I check email, facebook, sometimes I read...just whatever while I'm waking up.

6:30am- I take my dog for a walk.  She loves it and it gets us both some fresh air and exercise.  I
               try to make it 30 minutes, in the winter, when the kids are in school and the weather is
               cooler we'll go for 45 min to an hour.
                                         <3 My sweet dog loves winter walks without snow! <3

7:30am- Shower- my hair is naturally curly so I can't use a hair dryer without major frizz!  I always
               let my hair air dry, so I take advantage of that time to spend some time with God. :)

8:30am- I get my breakfast and start my daily cleaning.  (I will share my cleaning schedule in another
               post) Get my laundry started, wipe down bathrooms, etc.  Usually takes about an hour.  At
               this time I plan my dinner, too.  Pull out any meat to thaw, do any preparation..

9:30am- Once my daily cleaning is done, I'll get started on my weekly cleaning.  That is about an
               hour, too.

10:30am-When I've finished all my cleaning, sometimes I'll start an organizing project.  We have so
                many clutter hot spots in this house that I could work on one or two every day.  Drives
                me crazy.

11:30/12- At this point I'm done with my cleaning for the day.  If I'm hungry, I'll get something to
                eat.  Sometimes I'll meet my mom for lunch, or she'll come here.  If I'm not meeting
                 anyone for lunch I'll sit down for a bit and catch up on my dvr shows, read, check
                 facebook, email, etc.

1:00pm- This is when I'll do any errands that I need to run if I'm home for the day I'll work on my
               blog, do some craft projects, online shopping, baking, run the kids around..

                       <3I like to schedule baking days with a good friend who is also a housewife.<3

3:30/4- I'll get dinner started.  Hubby gets home from work around 5pm and I like it to be ready
             shortly after he gets home.

                                  (: She heard Hubby pull in and is greeting him at the window :)

5:30pm- We eat dinner and clean up

6:30/7- RELAX!  Hubby likes to crash on the couch and depending on what the kids are doing they
             will watch tv with us, or we'll play a game. 

8:30/9- Hubby and I head to bed.  I will read or play on my kindle until 10 or so.

That's about it.  A day in my life.  I like to see it all written out, it makes me feel really productive.
I hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, leave a you have a blog or vlog?  Did you share a day in your life?  Tell me about it?  Where can I find it?  I'd love to check it out. :)

Have a great day!

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