Friday, June 12, 2015

Finally Friday!!

I wait for this day all week long.  And unfortunately for me, it's my longest day of the week.  I really do like my job, but I am just exhausted.'s Friday!  Yay!  Plans for the weekend include..trips to Costco, Ace Hardware, Michaels and I'm hoping to talk my mom and sister into hitting some yard sales.  Also, I want to scrub this house from top to bottom.  It's pretty clean still, but if I keep up with it, it will stay lovely. :)

I want to put on my apron and whip up some cookies and other treats for my girls and Hubby.  They have really been helpful around here this summer.  And I miss my kitchen.  I used to spend hours in there playing with different recipes, trying new things and making endless treats.'s the little things, ya know?

Sunday is Family Day and it's our turn to host.  I'm not sure what we're having yet, but I'll let you know when I decide.  Hubby is on call this weekend so we're staying close to home.  And now that I think about it, that might change our plans to go to Costco.  The one close to our house is super busy.  It can turn into a 3 hour event, and I don't know if Hubby will want to be away that long.  We'll see.  We might just head to Safeway or Sprouts. 

I will be working on crafts this weekend.  I have a bunch of ideas and I don't want to lose them.  Some will depend on what I find at the yard sales, but I do have things I can work on here. 

I'd really like to take the girls somewhere fun, but with Hubby staying close to home, that's not happening.  We'll shoot for next weekend and maybe make a trip to Mt. Lemmon.  We were there last for Mothers Day and the girls wanted to go back right away.  It's a nice place to get away from the desert heat and only about an hours drive.  But really spectacular views of Tucson.

So that's about it for me.  Shopping, cleaning, homemaking...the life of a wife and mom.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I can't wait to spend some time in my kitchen baking up some love for my family.


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