Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What a weekend! And I learned how to post pictures...woohoo!

I was so productive this weekend!  I didn't tackle everything on my to do list, but I did get to cross off a few of them, and it sure felt good to get things done. 

On Saturday I went yard saleing (saleing?  is that a word) with my mom and sister.  We had a really good time!!  We left at 8am and got back around 10.  I got quite a few fun items and spent less than $20.  Can't beat that!

My yard sale purchases (minus a cowgirl hat for my daughter)- 2 pineapple wall hangings (I love to display pineapples in my home, they are a symbol of hospitality), 2 wrought iron decorative pieces, 4 books by Minda Webber, a picture frame and a pineapple shaped wooden bowl. LOVE!

After I got home, Hubby and I went to Costco.  We stocked up our freezer and pantry and we'll be good for another month or so.  I love shopping at Costco, but I hate actually being there.  Crowds give me anxiety and Costco crowds are the worst.  These people will clog the lanes with their carts and stand around the employee with the samples, making it impossible to get through.  Drives. Me. Insane.  Anyone else? 

We spent the rest of the day hiding from the heat and I was working on laundry.

First thing Sunday morning, I was outside spray painting.  6:30 am and I was in my back yard working on one of my projects.  It gets so hot here that the only time I can really paint is first thing in the morning, or late in the evening.  I'm definitely a morning person, so that's when I work.  I've been wanting to get these cans painted for so long!  I was out of black paint and just couldn't remember to pick it up when I was out.  So glad it's finally done. :)

The rest of Sunday was  spent cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and playing referee to my cat and dog.  Our cat is a bully.  He will kick the dog out of her bed, which is pretty funny, but sad, too.  They finally ended up sharing. :)

And my clean kitchen!  It doesn't look as impressive without the before pictures...you'll have to check out my instagram for the befores. :)
I had mentioned before that Sunday is Family Day.  My mom and my sisters family come over for dinner (or we go to my sisters house).  This past Sunday was our turn to host and everyone came!!  I don't think we've had a Family Day or holiday when EVERYONE was here.  It was very nice. :):)  I ended up making tortellini and meatballs in vodka sauce.  It was so good!  Dessert was Chocolate Éclair Dessert...One of Hubbys favorites!
So that was my very successful weekend.  I'm sad it's over.  I can't wait to see what next weekend holds for us.  Hubbys birthday AND Fathers Day!  We'll be busy!
Have a great week!!

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