Friday, June 5, 2015


It's Friday!  Woo hoo!!!  What does Friday mean to you?  To me, it's the end of my work week..but also the beginning of my work weekend.  I am fortunate to have weekends off, but as a homemaker, I still have my house to tend to.  And my work schedule doesn't really give me much free time to do house work during the week, so I will be "working" the weekends for the foreseeable future. ;)

So..plans for the weekend...laundry, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, laundry, relax...and of course, more laundry.  When I wasn't working, I would do all of the bed linens on Monday and Friday, towels on Tuesday and Saturday, and one load of clothes every day of the week.  Now, I'm changing sheets once a week and towels as needed.  Clothes I wash as needed (right now I have a small load of clothes in the washer because I need a couple of items for work today).  I really need to sit down and write out a schedule, but I feel like we're still adjusting to my work schedule.  Really, I'm probably the only one struggling to adjust to my work schedule. 

I also have some major organization projects to work on.  Mostly my bedroom!  Am I the only one whose bedroom turns into a dumping spot?  If someone is dropping by unexpectedly and there is a pile of anything in the living room/kitchen/dining room, it ends up in my bedroom.  It drives me crazy, yet I continue to do it.  So this weekend I'm taking my bedroom back.  It's a huge, gorgeous master bedroom and I need to treat it better.  Maybe I'll work on some crafty decorating projects to make it special for my hubby and me. :)

Besides housework, this weekend I'm hoping to work on some crafts.  I've always hoped to start an etsy shop or at least set up a booth at a craft fair.  Here in my town there are several places where I could set up a booth, but before I do that I need to have some inventory.  I have some things planned out and I really hope to get some of them done this weekend.  I'd like to spend the next year planning and crafting and really dedicating some time to this little shop of mine, and be ready to go full swing sometime in Spring 2016.

Next weekend I'm hoping to plan something fun to do with the girls.  They have been super patient this summer while dealing with my new work schedule.  My oldest is helping out by staying home with my youngest daughter and they are both doing chores around the house.  Of course they are being compensated, but it's definitely a load off of my back, knowing I don't have to run home and start doing all the things I used to do daily.

Well, I've yammered on.  I do have to get ready for work, and figure out a plan for the weekend regarding chores, organizing and crafting.   I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Oh!  And check out my new Instagram page... _housewifery_  I don't have any pictures posted yet, but I'll put some up this weekend, maybe a before and after of my organization.  

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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