Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  I love reading other peoples blogs and I've always wanted to try one of my here we are!  I wanted to start writing about my new journey.  I'm recently unemployed due to a HUGE move across country to live closer to my sister and her family.  I hate the word 'unemployed'.  It sounds like I'm just sitting around the house doing nothing, and to be honest, I found myself doing that a lot more than I'd like to admit.  

I was looking for jobs all day and getting more and more frustrated that I wasn't finding anything.  Well, I was finding them..they just didn't want me.  Who wouldn't want me??  I think I'm pretty awesome. ;)

Yesterday, I realized I don't have to sit around and do nothing.  Why can't I help my husband financially by saving money.  In the past I was a stay at home mom, my kids are now in school, but they still need me.  My husband needs me.  My home needs me.  And just like that my attitude changed. 

I had such an awesome day, yesterday.  I did a lot of cleaning and organizing..and I would do those things before, but it was my attitude that had changed.  I felt like I was cleaning for a purpose, not just because it needed done, but I was blessing my family.  

So here I am, on my brand new blog, and I will be writing about my new journey in Housewifery.  I'll write about money saving tips, cleaning ideas, organizing, kids projects, cooking, baking...whatever I want!  


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